Our Swimming Philosophy

Our swimming philosophy is simple. We want every non-swimmer to master the skills required to save their own life in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Large swim programs can be scary, they are noisy and distracting. Learning to swim in the comfort of your own backyard or building removes many of the stresses of learning to swim. This is just the first thing that sets our swimming philosophy apart from the rest.

Next, we want them to learn as fast as possible, as well as possible. We want them to learn their strokes and become strong swimmers so they can enjoy a variety of water sports. Some people feel that swimming is just knowing how to navigate the water without drowning. We believe that knowing the proper strokes in the proper position allows a student to become one with the water in a variety of ways. It sets the tone for lifelong exercise, strength, and endurance. It enables the student to have the option of someday competing in a swim team, being a triathlete, becoming a lifeguard, or even being a swimming instructor!

Finally, we do not force anyone! All of our lessons are conducted with you and/or your child’s safety and comfort in mind. We use a gentle approach to help our instructors want to foster a trusting, caring relationship with you and your family. This may mean it might take a little longer for someone to learn how to swim. We hope that some of the tricks that we have learned in 35 years will accelerate the process.