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We do not have a physical location because we are the “School That Comes to Your Pool!”

Text or call 631-507-0707 to see if we have an instructor available in your area!

Private Swimming Lessons in Your Own Backyard!

Private swimming lessons are the best and fastest way for a person to learn. Children especially learn faster with private swimming lessons because they do not practice incorrect ways of swimming. Once the motor skills have been learned incorrectly, a child will continue to swim incorrectly. It will take 2-3 times as many lessons to correct improper strokes. An investment in private swimming lessons now will not only prevent extra costs later, but it will ensure that your child will become a safe, strong swimmer.
“Vicki is wonderful! My kids love her! She is so great with them and teaches the strokes so well and with fast results! Thank you for a wonderful summer!”

Erin and Josh, Sagaponack

“Both Vicki and Kim have taught Brianna. They are FANTASTIC! They use the same methods so there is not a break in instruction if one is not available. Brianna learned MUCH faster than her two older siblings that learned to swim in Europe. We highly recommend both instructors and their methods.”

Olga and Sven, Munich

“The instructors are very professional, dedicated, friendly, and fun! They make every lesson a joy! No more tears at swimming lessons! I am so glad I found them!”

Leslie C, NYC

“Vicki is an expert on positioning the children. They learn very quickly! My kids love her and do not want their lessons to end. I wish I could do more lessons per week. I am sure they will learn even faster!”

Chuck and Myra, Watermill

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