Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult swimming lessons are very common and we teach them all the time. We teach adults with phobias of the water, adults who just want to perfect their strokes, to triathletes trying to increase their time and everything in between. We specialize in the special needs of adult swimmers.

Adult Swimming
Private Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons

The Aqua Phobic Adult

Aqua phobic adults are people those that are truly terrified of the water. Usually, they have had some close call or a traumatic experience related to the water. They are so frightened that just to submerge in the water and walk around may be very difficult and scary. An aqua phobic adult may also have never had the opportunity to be submerged in water. They are afraid because they do not understand how the water works so they are afraid they might drown.

We carefully approach adult aqua phobic adult with patience and encouragement. We know it took many years to get to the point where you are so fearful. We take things slow and never ask you do do anything you are not comfortable with to master your fear. Once the fear of the shallow water is conquered we work on the front and back float and introducing the front crawl and the back crawl.

The Adult Non-Swimmer

A non-swimmer adult is a person that really does not know how to swim properly. They may be able to dog paddle and keep themselves up in the water if they are forced to. They are not comfortable with the deep end of the pool but they could probably save themselves if they had to. Generally, they do not go in water over their head.

We work on increasing a non-swimmers comfort in the water, especially the deep end. We continue working on the front crawl, the back crawl, and the elementary backstroke

The Adult New Swimmer

The new swimmer adult is a person who has learned to swim and is comfortable in both the shallow and the deep end but they do not know how to breathe properly on a freestyle. They may be comfortable on their back as well as their front. They generally take a big breath, swim as far as they can, and stop for a breath.

We work on the breathing on the freestyle, the back crawl, and the basics of the breaststroke.

The Adult Swimmer

The adult swimmer knows freestyle but has trouble with endurance and catching a breath. They usually swim flat and generally do not rotate their body well enough to get a good breath. They can swim comfortably on their back in back crawl, but do not know how to properly do a breaststroke, butterfly, or elementary backstroke.

The Triathlete

The triathlete is usually a fairly decent distance swimmer but often uses their strength to pull themselves through the water rather than letting the water do its part. A lot of energy is wasted with this type of swimming. Generally, muscular adults are a little negatively buoyant and feel that they have to work very hard to keep themselves afloat.

We work on swimming effectively by gliding through the water effortlessly so they can make it through the swimming portion of a triathlon without getting tired so they have enough energy to complete the biking and running portions of a triathlon.

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